friends giving cheers

inspired by our friends

Inspired by our friends and the creative endeavours they pursue, Thankyou Group is a collaboration between two friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle & the positive feeling we get after a day of doing what we love. We are working hard to promote positivity, support our friends, and deliver high-quality garments in the process.

building community

Maintaining our roots in Calgary and Vancouver, we are building a brand that goes beyond clothing. We're showcasing the work of talented individuals in our community, collaborating with local creatives, and always trying our best to make you smile.

cultivating gratitude

We're on a mission to spread positivity, cultivate acts of gratitude, and remind those around us to spend time with the people they love.

we keep it simple

The clean design of the Thankyou. collection has an eye-catching, yet understated feel. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing you high quality, lightweight, and well-fitted products.