Hey guys, what’s going on?
Not much, sorry bout the wait. We’re on the road, trying to use multiple devices! But we here!

No problem! Stoked to have the chance to chat with you. What’s the plan for the west coast tour?
We’re rolling straight to the island next week, Nanaimo then Victoria. After that we’ll be going to Kelowna and Nelson. Never played Nanaimo or Nelson so we’re stoked to check those spots out and try out some new tunes.

I got to say, ever since Ryan and Jo introduced me to your songs I’ve been listening to CHERISH on repeat. Anyways, that sounds like a nice little Canadian tour you got yourselves there - how does it feel playing new songs live for the first time?
We are now two shows into the tour and things have been going over very well. It is exciting to play new songs for our friends as well as people who have seen us before because they don’t have any expectations and we get to experience their initial reactions to the songs. We’re psyched you like the record, thanks for the kind words!

I can’t imagine a better feeling than seeing a crowd of your friend’s smiling faces looking up at you as you share something new with them. I also read that Marcus Paquin, the engineer on Arcade Fire’s album, The Suburbs, and The National’s album, Trouble Will Find me, is producing your upcoming album. I couldn’t be more excited for you guys given my personal obsession with The National... What’s it been like working with Marcus so far?
That’s sweet, thank you! We love The National too, it’s Steve and Cole’s favourite band (Boxer is king!) Not gonna lie, we weren’t sure what to expect working with a big name like Marcus, but it’s been fantastic! He’s been super involved and encouraging from day one, and is having a huge impact on the record. It has been such a treat, we couldn’t be happier.

Wow, you guys rule. I also heard you worked on the soundtrack for the All Aboard Documentary. How did it feel hearing your music on the big screen as part of a movie about your best friends?
Such a cool and surreal experience! Working with Dale on the score was super fun, and seeing the premiere with a packed house was incredibly fulfilling. To see how many different communities were brought together by the film, skaters, musicians, friends and family, was just incredible.

I think bringing together all these people with different, yet overlapping interests is one of the coolest things to be a part of. It creates a specific kind of memory that allows you to sit back and smile at how rad all the people in your life can be. Anyways, I can’t wait to hear the new album and hope the momentum keeps on goin’ - you deserve it. Thanks for the interview and kill it on the rest of the tour!
Thanks so much for having us, it’s been a blast!!
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Interview by Dylan Stack
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