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At the December Market Collective Holly (owner of MilkJar Candle Co.) and I were chatting and telling each other what we admired most about our respective entrepreneurial projects. We realized we hold many of the same values and got to thinking that it would be fun to work on a project together.


2 models wearing thankyou X milk jar shirts


A month later we bumped into each other at a bar in Calgary. The possibility of a collaboration came back to the forefront of conversation, and next thing we knew we were brainstorming ideas. We set up a meeting at Holly's Factory and began diving into concepts, mixing scents for candles, and exploring designs for T-shirts.


man in a thankyou x milk jar shirt

  In the end, we chose to create a scent that aims to align you with a sunny spring day, reminding you of an ocean breeze on the coast, or fills a room with the aroma of fresh cherry blossoms. Our goal was to create a scent that will bring a smile to your face  and leave you feeling a sense of optimism and enlightenment.
man and woman sitting by river in Calgary, AB


We chose to name the candle 'Affinity' after the natural draw and ease with which this collaboration came to be. 

Affinity - A natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea.


Woman smiling holding thankyou X milk Jar candle


For the shirts we decided to take Holly's smiling milk carton logo, aptly named “Dandy”, and drop him in the middle of some minimalist clouds. This was done to bring a warm summer day to mind and represent a state of elevation - floating in the clouds if you will :)


woman laughing in thankyou x milk jar shirt


From there, we came up with the concept for all these lovely photos and had the help from our friends to make it a reality - Which, after all, is what our whole thing is all about.


Friends helping friends. 


man pushing on skateboard

Woman looking up in thankyou x milk jar shirt

man pushing on skateboard at sunset

man doing a trick on a skateboard at sunset

hand holding thankyou candle


We hope you enjoy Affinity and the Dandy T Shirt as much as we enjoyed making it for you. 

You can purchase your own 'AFFINITY' candle here, or head to Milk Jar to buy a T-shirt + candle bundle.




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