Photo by Jackson Loria


Lance, long time! How have you been? 
Definitely been too long Dyl, hopefully link up again soon! I’ve been great my man, pretty stoked on the direction life’s going at the moment.  

Tell me more, what’s been going on in your world? Anything particularly exciting with the design or photography work?
Oh man, I don’t know where to start with that one... I feel like life’s been very fast paced at the moment with little time to stick with one direction regarding my freelance design and photography. I’m working full-time as a graphic designer for a Solar Power company, which has been a great experience with a lovely team. It’s given me the chance to expand my knowledge and skills on the daily - not only in Graphic Design, but Photography and Media as well.

That being said, I definitely underestimated how hard it is to juggle a full time job while freelancing in the early stages. I felt I was always pushing for time. I’d rather produce one piece of work I’m truly happy with than 5 mediocre pieces. So these days I’m taking less on board, which has allowed me to really enjoy the process again. 


Designs for Folklore Skateboards 
At the moment, I’ve been working on a few designs for Folklore Skateboards along with other close friends who have also started their own companies. It’s been really inspiring working with my friends and seeing the growth of their brands. I’ve also been sketching out ideas and brainstorming on a little project of my own, which has been on my mind for years now. As far as photography goes, I recently had a “Five Frames” section in my good friend Brett Jordans zine. You can view the zine here.
Photo by Brett Jordan

I love the simplicity to your graphic design style... I actually still have two boards you designed hanging on my wall as we speak. It’s so exciting seeing friends going after it and making things. Whatever it may be. Speaking of friends making things, you can’t mention a project of your own and not give me more...
Cheers, really appreciate that! I thought I could fly under the radar with that project mention... I’ll keep it brief as I don’t usually like to build things up before I’ve made some solid ground work and concepts are in the production stages. That being said, I’m pretty excited about it and would love to share some general ideas.

The project I’ve been brainstorming and sketching concepts for will be a skate company that keeps all the positive and creative traits the community has to offer, while promoting the talented skateboarders in the community who go unrecognized. This company will be a way of giving back everything I’ve learned and valued through the skateboard community. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I think we’ll never finish this interview if I do, but that’s a brief look into what I’m aiming for. It’s a project I’ve been working towards for years in one way or another, but it’s taken ‘till now to really feel like the timing is right to take action. Timing is everything.


Photo by Brett Jordan 

"Timing is Everything."

What do you think has changed that makes now the right time? Has something changed as far as your environment goes? Or is it more of an intuitive feeling that you’re just ready to make things happen?
A lot has changed over the past few years which makes it feel like the right time. I didn’t want to start this company until I was confident and was in a position to give it 100%. The positive feedback from freelancing and working fulltime as a graphic designer have played a massive role in building my confidence to pursue this project. It’s one thing to receive feedback from friends and family who may be biased, but it’s not until you work for a company that pushes you out of your comfort zone and exposes your work to a broader, unfamiliar community that you get an honest reception.

I also think it’s vital to have knowledge regarding all aspects of a company before taking action. I’ve been continuously expanding my knowledge in these areas over the years (preliminary Graphic Design, Photography and Filming/Editing) and undertook jobs which offered progression in all of them. Speaking about this process may come across more as a long enduring task, but it’s honestly been such an enjoyable journey because I’ve always loved each one of these creative outlets.


Photo by Jackson Loria

It’s pretty crazy how projects like these hardly feel like work when you genuinely enjoy the process. Proud of you Lance. Any news as far as skating goes? I know you and all the friends in Oz are premiering a full length soon… how’s it been filming for that? 

Appreciate it! As far as skating goes, I’m still skating for Folklore Skateboards and OCD Skate Shop. They always help keep me rollin’, so a massive thanks to those legends! It has been a really enjoyable and productive period of time regarding skateboarding at the moment. There’s always one project or another that I’m chipping away at. Working full-time has also made me really appreciate the times I do get to skate.

Yeah, we’ve been working on a full length movie called “Beaui Goes Street” on and off for the past 3 years or so. This movie has been a different experience to other full lengths I’ve worked on in the past since it’s with a small, close-knit crew from Beaumaris. I’m also still trying to get out and about with the Gooch Street crew who have all been killing it non stop for years. Bunch of legends! Peep “Gooch Dawgs Vol #4,” a great Aus skate scene experience and masterpiece filmed/edited by Tony Woodward!

Amazing to hear. I can’t wait to watch the new video and see what all the Aussies got up to. It sounds like you’ve got some really cool projects on the go Lance. I’m stoked to see them play out and watch you continue to develop on and off a skateboard.


Catch Lance in the upcoming video "Beaui Goes Street"


Interview by Dylan Stack




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